Advanced Services

Crowns - When your tooth is likely to break, or is too broken to be fixed with a filling, we recommend using full coverage restorations known as crowns. These are often done following root canal treatment, or when a large filling has broken down. Crowns help to protect your weakened tooth, and give it the strength and protection it needs to prevent it from breaking.

Dentures - While there are many different types of dentures, they all provide wearer with the same benefits. Dentures replace your teeth if they have become loose or have been lost.

Implants - A dental implant is one option available to you if you have lost a tooth. Implants are a permanent solution and have some advantages over bridge work as they do not stress the surrounding teeth for support. Also, if the replacement tooth ever wears out, it can be easily replaced.

Root Canal Treatment - Root canal treatment is needed when infection has reached the tooth pulp. Additionally, deep restorations or trauma to the tooth may cause nerve damage, which may require root canal treatment.

Bridges - If you have a missing tooth or teeth, bridges are an option for filling that empty space.

TMJ Treatments - The technical term for TMJ is temporal-mandibular joint. Misalignment of teeth, trauma, or muscle tension can lead to problems in this area, which can include:

  • Headaches
  • Earaches
  • Trouble or soreness when opening and closing your mouth
  • Clicking or popping of your jaw
  • Pain in your jaw muscles
  • Soreness in the area, which can extend to your face
We provide a number of treatments if you are suffering from this condition.

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