Dental Health

Regular exams will insure that potential problems are diagnosed early, thereby avoiding advanced treatment.

Fillings - Most cavities can be treated easily and painlessly if caught early enough. If decay isn’t treated, it can lead to tooth pain or infection, which requires further treatment.

Bonding - Bonding adheres specially made resin to the front of your tooth, which is carefully matched to the tooth’s existing color. Bonding is done in order to repair damage to the tooth caused by decay, alter a tooth’s alignment, close gaps between teeth, or for cosmetic purposes.

Sealants –Sometimes, no matter how much we brush, some of our teeth have pits or grooves that are so narrow they do not allow even one bristle into them. This can cause plaque to accumulate which may lead to those pesky cavities! To prevent this, we brush on a special coating that seals those pits and grooves that allows you to brush plaque away and keep your teeth healthy.

Non-Surgical Gum Treatments - Our gums, ligaments, and the surrounding bone form the foundation for our teeth. The structure that surrounds our teeth is known as the periodontium, and when this is unhealthy, it’s just as bad for your teeth as a bad foundation would be to your home. Gums that are red and bleed easily or that are pulled away from the tooth, loose teeth, changes in the position or bite of the teeth or persistent bad breath may indicate periodontal problems. Proper care can return your gums to a healthy state.

X-Rays - We use X-rays to detect infection and other dental issues so that they can be properly treated. In our office, we use a method known as digital radiography. Using advanced computer monitoring along with digital X-ray technology, we can enhance those images to form the best diagnosis and treatment for any of your dental concerns.

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